Limer makes it easy to open Sublime Text from wherever you are in Finder!

Quickly open Sublime Text from Finder with your current selection!

…or if nothing is selected, Limer just opens the folder from the top Finder window.

System Requirements:

  • Mac Computer
  • OSX 10.8 or later

Limer is a Finder utility app that makes it easy to open Sublime Text* in your Finder’s current context! Just click the button and Sublime Text will open with the folder or selected items from your Finder’s topmost window.

  • Supports Sublime Text 2 & 3 (auto-detected)
  • Supports opening highlighted folders, the current folder context if nothing is highlighted, or multiple highlighted items!
Installation is easy: after you install the supplied .pkg file, navigate to your Applications folder and drag the Limer icon onto Finder’s toolbar and hover till a little “+” image appears. Then drop the icon there.

Limer is “pay what you want”.

You can buy it for the suggested $2 or $0 or $100. Whatever it’s worth to you. You can even pay after the fact if you find it useful using the “Give More” link in your invoice.

Hopefully you’ll think Limer is worth at least the price of a cup of coffee.

You’re probably wondering why it’s not in the Mac App Store, huh?

We tried to get it into the app store, but after multiple rejections and an inquiry with Apple Developer Support, they made it abundantly clear that apps that script the Finder are not allowed in the Mac App Store whatsoever.


Want to chat about Limer? Send me a note:

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*Limer and Mohawk Apps, LLC are not affiliated in any way with Sublime HQ Pty Ltd, the makers of Sublime Text.